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NOACA JARC/New Freedom Survey


The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) wants to know your view of the current transportation services available in your community and the region. Please type a number that most closely corresponds to your agreement with the statements below:

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Question 1. The general public would approve of coordinating transportation services in the region.

Question 2. Coordinating transportation services of different providers would result in cost savings across the entire network.

Question 3. The average person probably feels that transit services are adequately funded.

Question 4. I think that there are adequate transportation options for all populations in the region.

Question 5. The average individual with a disability would probably say that the level of accomodation and service of public transit is generally sufficient.

Question 6. Ridership by the general public would increase if more off-peak (evenings and weekends) service was available.

Question 7. The average low-income individual would say that using public transit to commute to work and work-related activities (daycare, schools, etc.) is as convenient as could reasonably be expected.

Question 8. Existing public transit services could be improved for those commuting from urban areas to suburban workplaces..

Question 9. The transportation system functions equally well for the general public as it does for people with special needs and clients of human service agencies..

Question 10. The average person would probably say that public transit in the region is operating at the correct service level (i.e., enough routes at the proper frequency).

Question 11. Financial issues will limit transportation coordination across multiple agencies.

Question 12. Information about transportation services and options is easy for clients to obtain.

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